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'Junior Cultural Ambassadors' visit Tianjin
发布时间:2023-04-02 10:04

Following the award ceremony in Beijing, the “Junior Cultural Ambassadors” embarked on their cultural journey to Tianjin via high-speed train on March 29. For many of them, this was not only their first visit to China, but also their first experience riding a high-speed train. It took only 30 minutes to arrive in Tianjin, which is 120 kilometers distance from the capital. The incredible “Chinese Speed” amazed everyone.




In the morning, the “Junior Cultural Ambassadors” took a stroll along Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, home to a wide variety of folk arts and handcrafts shops with time-honored brands. They immersed themselves in traditional Chinese culture by enjoying local delicacies. In addition to the delicious snacks, the street offered plenty of arts and handcrafts for them to feast their eyes on. The popular souvenirs with Tianjin characteristics included kites branded “Kite Wei” and painted sculptures branded “Clay Figure Zhang” are among the most popular souvenirs they purchased for their family and friends.






Wang Xinhui from Brussels, Belgium, was delighted with the sugar figure she had blown herself. “This is my first time experiencing the art of sugar figure blowing. It’s amazing!” said Wang, “I hope such kinds of intangible cultural heritage can be carried down in China, and I also hope to see artists blowing sugar figures in the streets of Brussels.”




In the afternoon, the “Junior Cultural Ambassadors” visited the National Maritime Museum of China located in Tianjin Binhai New Area. They explored the Ancient Oceans Exhibition Hall and were fascinated to learn about the evolution of the earth, oceans, and life over the past 4.6 billion years through a valuable collection of fossil specimens.




Li Jiahan from Tanzania found the visit very rewarding as she gained a lot of knowledge about the types and history of dinosaurs, as well as the origin of human beings.




The "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" expressed their great pleasure and gratitude for the opportunity to immerse themselves in China's rich and lively culture through first-hand experiences. They found the trip to be filled with amazing adventures and enjoyed the unique cultural atmosphere of Tianjin, especially in the Ancient Culture Street. They are eager to share their experiences with friends back home.




(Source: China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People; Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, CSCLF)

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