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‘Junior Cultural Ambassadors’ from 21 countries complete busy and rewarding week of cultural exchange in China
发布时间:2023-04-08 13:00

At the invitation of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, 29 "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" from 21 countries gathered in China from March 26-31. On behalf of the 60 "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" selected from the 2021 and 2022 events, they attended the award ceremony of the 2022 "Junior Culture Ambassadors" program and the launch ceremony of the 2023 event. They also participated in Chinese cultural exchange activities.

During their visit to China, the "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" had a busy schedule and gained a lot of experiences. In Beijing, they visited the Prince Gong's Mansion Museum to learn how to make kites, write calligraphy, make paper-cutting, practice Chinese martial arts, and play Chinese musical instruments. They also visited the Forbidden City and experienced the beauty of ancient Chinese imperial architecture up close. They went to Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling to learn about her work and life and feel her deep affection for children. They also took the high-speed train to Tianjin to visit the Ancient Culture Street and the National Maritime Museum of China.

A farewell party was held on March 31 for the "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" who had participated in the cultural exchange activities and were about to return home. Officials from the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of CSCLF and China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People (CSCLSCC) presented the children with souvenirs and heartfelt blessings. The "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" from various countries, including Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Spain, showcased their talents on stage through classical dance, peacock dance, street dance, poetry recitation, tongue twisters, and other programs, which earned them thunderous applause from their peers, parents, and teachers.

They wrote messages on scrolls, exchanged contact information, and shared gifts that reflected the culture of their respective countries. Despite having spent only a few days together, they had become good friends with their accompanying Chinese teachers and staff, and they parted with reluctance, eagerly anticipating their reunion next year.

Krishav Pant, a participant from Nepal, expressed his gratitude towards the opportunity, "This trip was full of first-time experiences for me. It was my first time leaving Nepal, coming to China, flying on a plane, riding on a high-speed train, and visiting so many projects and making so many friends. I was captivated by Chinese traditional culture, and the Great Wall was my favorite place. I was amazed at the magnificent wonder that people thousands of years ago built. This trip has given me a better understanding of China, and I am eager to introduce China and its culture to my friends back home."

Sukhen Fatima from Pakistan, Yang Yijing from the Philippines, and Feng Yehui from the United Arab Emirates expressed their enthusiasm for the program and shared their experiences as "Junior Cultural Ambassadors." Despite the short duration of the trip, they participated in numerous exciting and interesting activities, made many new friends, and gained a lot. They felt privileged to have the opportunity to share and exchange cultures with participants from different countries. They all looked forward to sharing their newfound knowledge about China with their peers.

During the trip to China, some parents accompanied the "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" and participated in all the activities. They highly praised the experience. The mother of Agala Owen, a "Junior Cultural Ambassador" from Benin, expressed her gratitude to the CSCLF for providing a platform for young people from various countries to study and exchange in China. She appreciated the opportunity for the children to experience traditional Chinese culture firsthand, communicate face-to-face, enhance understanding, and deepen friendships. Similarly, the father of a "Cultural Junior Ambassador" from Mongolia shared that this trip was unforgettable, and he and his daughter would always remember the wonderful time spent with everyone in China. They expressed their gratitude to the organizers and all the teachers.

After a week of study tour, the "Junior Cultural Ambassadors" left with bittersweet feelings, carrying with them valuable experiences and cherished memories. We sincerely hope that all of them will continue to observe the world with their own eyes, interpret China in their own words, and spread China's excellent traditional culture through the internet.

In the future, we look forward to more young people from various countries and representatives of cooperative institutions coming together in China, becoming friends of China, and building connections with China through similar activities.

(Source: CSCLSCC, International Cooperation and Exchange Department of CSCLF)

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