National Elite Nintaus Fund

2008-07-12 16:22:00    China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

To promote the training of young talents from various ethnic communities and the development of higher education in China, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) established the "National Elite Nintaus Fund" sponsored by Dongguan Nintaus Company in August of 2006. The fund is used to reward female college students from various ethnic communities to strive for a better future.


1. Project universities: Central University for Ethnic Communities, Southwest University for Ethnic Communities, Yunnan University for Ethnic Communities, Guizhou Institute for Ethnic Communities, Tibet Institute for Ethnic Communities, Xinjiang University, Inner Mongolia University, Dalian University for Ethnic Communities


2. Project cycle: 5 years


3. Project description:


1) To select, reward, and cultivate 112 "national flowers" (female) in each of the five years.


2) To provide the middle schools where the "national flowers" study with certain amount of Nintaus audio-visual equipment.


3) To reward outstanding college students from the "Future Project" of CSCLF, and outstanding student workers and schools that carry out student aid projects.


4) To set up physical check-up projects for poor freshmen in Xinjiang University


4. Number of recipients: grant 112 outstanding female university students from 56 ethnic communities with scholarships and material rewards each year, totaling 560 female students in five years.


5. Amount: RMB3,000 yuan of scholarship plus 1,000 yuan worth of Nintaus audio-visual equipment.


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