CSCLF Holds the Third Session of the Sixth Standing Council

2013-03-15 14:14:00    China Soong Ching Ling Foundation


The third session of the sixth standing council for China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) was held in Beijing on March 3. Vice Chairman Liang Baohua, You Lantian, Chang Rongjun, Tang Wensheng, She Jing and Qi Mingqiu, secretary-general Li Ning, vice secretary-general Li Xikui, Qiao Jian and other executive council members attended the meeting. Liang Baohua was appointed by Chairman Hu Qili to host the meeting.



The main content of the Standing Council is: the members have discussed and basically approved Working Report by Executive Vice Chairman Chang Rongjun and "2012 Annual Fund Report" by CSCLF Vice Secretary-General Li Xikui. The council meeting approved the "Draft Regulation on Co-opted Member Appointment Process" and "Draft Decision on Adjustment of the Executive Members of the Standing Council Members."


In 2012, CSCLF seriously fulfilled three principles "peace, unity, the future ", gave full play to people's organizations and the dual functions of public welfare organizations. We make achievements in many areas according the goals set in the "2011-2015 Development Plan" of CSCSL.



In the past year, we organized 23 overseas visiting groups and hosted 12 overseas groups. We attended 23 activities involved with foreign individuals and organizations. 238 foreign guests visited CSCLF.


We invited 15 visiting groups from Taiwan and arranged 43 cross-straits exchange activities. We sent 13 delegations to Taiwan and hosted 7 events in the island. 107 Taiwan guests visited CSCLF. In addition, CSCLF also hosted 2 visiting groups from Hong Kong and Macao and also sent 6 delegations to Hong Kong and Macao.


Until Dec 31 of 2012, CSCLF received donation worth 196.35 million yuan. 163.76 million yuan of the donation was used in financing the charity projects. CSCLF earned 8.5 million yuan in fund investment in 2012.


In the past year, the achievement of CSCLF also displays in the following aspects.



1, Outside Communication: CSCLF fully finished reception tasks assigned by the central government, including the Japanese Youth Delegation and the Ukraine Youth Delegation. Reception the delegations were listed as important events in pushing the development of diplomatic relations with Japan and Ukraine. The third Soong Ching Ling Youth Camp attracted over 350 young people from 15 countries of four continents. It has become a platform for young students from different culture backgrounds to show their personalities.


In 2012, for the first time, we dispatched a delegation to attend the 10th World Public Forum held in Rhodes Island in Greece. It's the first time that a Chinese delegation attends the "Dialogue of Civilizations". As a non-governmental organization, CSCLF plays an important role in international affairs.


2. Taiwan related projects: CSCLF adheres to the idea of "take history as our root and culture as our soul." We turned a normal visit to cultural experience and knowledge share trip. We combined courtesy contacts with deep emotion in these projects. We held the 2nd Cross-Straits History and Culture Summer Research Institute, emphasizing on studying culture and history of Anhui province.


Since the exhibition about Soong Ching Ling was held in Taiwan in 2011, in 2012 we cooperated with Taiwan Foundation for Multi-cultures to hold a seminar on the research of "Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching Ling." The event was described as starting a historical moment. The honorable Chairman of Kuomintang Wu Boxiong attended the seminar and made a speech. Head of Chinese History Society, Zhang Haipeng, said the seminar had a great significance in Chinese history area.



3. Charity projects. CSCLF cooperate with Foundation of Macao received donation of 28 million yuan. We cooperated with Hong Kong Glorious Sun Group raising donation of 15 million yuan. All of the donation was used in charity projects. In the project "Caring Liangshan Mountain", CSCLF gave 21 million yuan to build school dorms, dinning rooms, and libraries and buy school buses, books and sport equipments.


CSCLF helped 12 disabled children to accept medical operation, and financed the treatments of 61 children with heart disease. CSCLF helped 15 children with hearing defects to have cochlear implant surgery. We set up a fund to help suffers of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease.


CSCLF's "Future Project" helped over 30000 students from 160 schools in 32 Chinese provinces.


Council members gave their advices and suggestions after listening to the reports. Our council directors from Hong Kong and Macao, who are in Beijing for the ongoing "Two Sessions" attended the event.


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