My Trip to Korea

2008-05-29 14:00:00    China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

Sun Huiying


Class 9, Grade 2, Junior High, Qingdao Zhicheng Experimental School


In March 2007, I had the privilege to participate in Sino-Korean cultural exchange program sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF). We were all very excited not only about going to have a visit to a foreign Land—Korea, but also looking forward to having home-stay and sharing experiences with Korean families. We were thrilled, talking and laughing all the way in the air and without knowing it we landed in Seoul.


When we got off the plane, we were greeted by a cool breeze, which was a nice start to my trip. At reception, I met many Korean friends in my age. In neat school uniforms, they were friendly and warmly greeted us. Although they are colored skin and black hair as we are, but they speak a different language. In fact, language could not be the barrier for our teenagers,, we conducted a smooth communication through English and body language. Their passionate, easy-going, friendly and polite manner deeply impressed me. Accompanied by Korean friends, I had a chance to visit many historical sites and interesting places in Korea and learned a lot about Korean traditional family life, particularly the experiences I learned during my home-stay, which could not be learned in school. I noticed that there are many differences between their customs and ours. For example, we sleep in beds, but they sleep on floors. We usually take off our shoes and put on slippers when we get inside the house, but they walk bare-footed. At the dinner table, we usually have big plates and bowls for rice and dishes, but they use small ones, with a variety of finely prepared dishes. From a few days of home-stay, I further understood why our Korean friends have such passion and enthusiasm in doing things and are strong characters of straightforward in treating their friends. Therefore, from strangers, we became close friends and could even talk about anything. At the end of our visit, we were all reluctant to say goodbye and many of our classmates were moved to tears. I believe their tears proved the friendship between us have no boundaries.


After parting with our Korean friends, I was deep in thoughts on the bus, recalling their silly laughs when we made potteries clumsily, their singing in Chinese for us and their strong hospitality, which helped me better understand their kindness, simplicity and passion for the Korean nation.


Although our visit was short, our experience was very fulfilling. We were very happy and we learned a lot. This trip has become unforgettable memory and will always be useful in my life.

I am truly grateful to CSCLF for giving me this chance. Many thanks to our teachers who took a good care of us and to our Korean high-school friends for their accompanies during our stay in Korea. This trip really helped me better understand the true value of friendship and the kindness of the Korean people. I truly hope that I will have more opportunities to participate in such meaningful and fulfilling program in the future.


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