Grass-root PE Teachers Training of Jaguar’s Campus Soccer Program Concludes in Guangzhou

2017-06-05 18:57:00    China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

On April 28, 2017, the third grass-root PE teachers training of the 2016/17 Jaguar Campus Soccer program successfully concluded at Guangzhou Yushan Senior High School. This activity was initiated by the Jaguar Land Rover China Children & Youth Dream Fund and strongly supported by the Tottenham Hotspur soccer club. Since the program was launched in 2016, this was the third training for grass-root PE teachers from 42 primary and high schools in Fanyu District of Guangzhou. 


Third grass-root PE teachers training of the 2016/17 Jaguar Campus Soccer program concluded in Guangzhou. 


Professional trainers from the Tottenham Hotspur soccer club are talking with local grass-root PE teachers. 


After receiving professional trainings, these grass-root teachers can offer better coaching to local students. 


Representatives of sponsor, Hotspur’s coaches and teachers participating in the training are taking a group picture. 

With a trinity model featuring Hotspur’s coaches, PE teachers and benefited students, this training invited members of Hotspur soccer club’s coaching team, Ose Aibangbee and Christopher Gillman, to Guangzhou once again. Mr. Ose Aibangbe is a famous teenager training coach of Hotspur who has trained a number of famous soccer stars like Harry Kane. During the one-week training, these coaches made in-depth communications with local students and grass-root PE teachers through classroom observation, lecture on theoretical knowledge and practical teaching, offering a tailored youth soccer training. 

At the graduation ceremony held on April 28, three excellent teacher representatives shared their ideas from the perspectives of coach training, Chinese and English soccer culture exchange and female PE teachers. They all said that they would apply what they have learnt into their teaching, helping more students benefit from advanced youth training.

Leaders of the CSLCF, Jaguar Land Rover China, Hotspur Club and education authorities in Guangzhou granted course-completion certificates to PE teachers who received the training. These teachers will stick to the cultivation plan made by professional coaches from Hotspur club and give trainings on aspects like physical quality and soccer skills to their students at their weekly class, so as to realize comprehensive improvement in their students’ soccer abilities and personal development. 

Background information

Strongly supported by the Guangzhou municipal education bureau, the CSCLF Jaguar Campus Soccer Program was launched in Guangzhou in September, 2016. Through activities like coach training, youth training, Jaguar Chinese and English soccer cultural exchange (November in 2016) and Jaguar winter training camp (December in 2016), 60,000  primary and middle school students from 42 schools of Guangzhou’s Fanyu district all have deeper understandings about soccer. 

(Source: Fund Department)


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