2016-06-15 18:37:00    China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

I. In May 1982, the Soong Ching Ling Foundation (SCLF) was established in commemoration of Soong Ching Ling, the late Honorary President of the People's Republic of China. Approved by its Fifth Council, the SCLF was renamed "China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF)" in September 2005.

The mission of CSCLF is to promote friendly international relations and safeguard world peace; to strengthen exchanges across Taiwan Straits and advance reunification of Motherland; to show concerns for the future of the nation and develop children's work.

II. CSCLF is a non-profit organization and independent corporate entity, which is dedicated to the establishment of international relations with friendly organizations and individuals both at home and abroad.

III. CSCLF is ready to establish the partnership with the organizations in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, who wish to set up a local SCLF or similar organization. CSCLF is also ready to establish the partnership with foreign friends, overseas Chinese and their organizations, who wish to set up a local SCLF or similar organization in their countries.

IV. CSCLF is managed democratically and has a Council and a Standing Council. The Council serves for five-year term, in which one session is to be held and the special meetings can be called when it's necessary.

Functions and powers of the Council:

1. Formulating and revising the Charter; 2. Hearing and approving the work report of the foundation and the report on fund management and application; 3. Approving the appointment and replacement of council members; 4. Electing standing council members, the honorary chairperson, chairperson and vice chairpersons; 5. Appointing and replace secretary-general and deputy secretary-generals; and 6. Making decisions on important issues, policies, plans and programs.

The Standing Council is the permanent body of the Council. It exercises the functions and powers of the Council when the latter is not in session. The term of the Standing Council is the same as that of the Council. It meets annually, and holds ad hoc meetings when necessary.

The functions and powers of the Standing Council:

1. Interpreting the Charter and supervise its implementation; 2. Auditing and supervise fund management, its application, annual budget and final accounts; and 3. Supervising and checking on the implementation of its principle, policies and plans.

The Council Meeting and meeting of Standing Council is to be called and presided over by its Chairperson.

V. The honorary chairperson, chairperson and vice chairpersons are elected democratically by the Council. The secretary-general and deputy secretary-generals are nominated by the Chairperson, and appointed or removed by the Council or Standing Council. Key issues and important decisions of the foundation are decided by its chair and vice chair's meeting through discussions. The secretary-general is responsible for the implementation.

The secretary-general is the legal person of CSCLF.

VI. CSCLF may engage a number of persons as special advisers and honorary council members.

VII. Source of fund: 1. Donations from governmental, non-governmental organizations, army units, enterprises, institutions and individuals in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the Mainland of China; 2. Donations from overseas Chinese, foreign friendly organizations and individuals; 3. Money collected from its affiliations; 4. Appreciations from fund's operation approved by the State; and 5. Other sources.

VIII. The funds of the foundation are special funds and they must be applied in line with its mission and donors' wishes. Less than five percent of the donation can be used for the purpose of administration of the project when it's necessary.

CSCLF has a separate accounting and auditing systems for the management of funds. It shall regularly submit financial reports to the Council and Standing Council, and under the supervision of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the People's Bank of China.

IX. The Charter comes into effect on the day of its adoption by the Council.



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