The Project of Safety for Mothers and Infants

Sichuan Kelun Industrial Group donates RMB1.2 million Yuan to China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (SCSLF) every year for the Project of Safety of Mothers and Infants. Currently, CSCLF and the China Welfare Institute (CWI) jointly started the project. Its aim is to help build maternal and infant health clinics in poor areas in western China, provide basic medical equipment (obstetrics), and trainings (obstetric, medical staff to promote scientific methods of delivery), sponsor free deliveries for local pregnant women, carry out a series of promotional and educational activities to ensure safe deliveries for women in the targeted areas, reduce maternal and infant mortality rates, ensure the safety and health of mothers and infants and contribute to improving the health standards for women and children in China¡¯s western regions.

Soong Ching Ling Fund for Poor University Students

The fund was set up in 2006 with RMB20 million yuan donated by Canadian Chinese Dr. Francis Chan. The project is based on the management of the donation and provides the interests to help students from ethnic minorities in autonomous regions for ethnic minorities to complete their studies, so as to promote the training of personnel and social and economic development in China's central and western regions.
1. Target universities: Central University for Ethnic Communities, Inner Mongolia University for Ethnic Communities, Second Northwest University for Ethnic Communities, TibetUniversity, Xinjiang University, Guangxi University for Ethnic Communities
2. Amount of grant: 3,000 yuan per person
3. Project Description: to reward outstanding students in universities for ethnic minority groups.

Emergency Aid to Wenchuan, the Earthquake Hit Area

On May 12th, 2008, the 8.0 magnitude earthquake seriously struck Wenchuan. Up to now, more than 14,000 people lost their lives, hundreds of thousands of people have been still under the waste residues and missing, therefore the toll of the dead will be increasing. Daughters have lost their mothers. Fathers have lost their sons. Tens of thousands of students no longer have a place to study. They are sick, suffering, scared and badly need our help NOW!!!
WE China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) appeal to all people worldwide for help. YOUR help, big or small, will be made valuable to the quake-hit victims in WENCHUAN and other areas through the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Sichuan province. Therefore let¡¯s join hands, work together and turn your love, my love and our love into ACTIONS!!!

The Soong Ching Ling Pediatrics Award

The initial fund of the Soong Ching Ling Pediatrics Award came from auction proceeds of FIAT Ferrari vehicles donated by FIAT. The fund is to reward China's young and middle-aged medical workers for their scientific achievements in pediatric medicine. Up to now, the Award has been successfully held two times.

"Combat Pneumonia" Charitable Activity

Funda??o de Benefic¨ºncia Carinhosa de Macau donated RMB one million Yuan to China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) to carry out the "Combat Pneumonia" Charitable Activity in Gansu Province. At present, the project in Gansu provides lectures for families, trains medical staff at grassroots levels, cultivates medical teams, organizes seminars, carries out expert supervision work regularly and donates medicines. By now, the project has obtained remarkable results.

Sichuan University Fund for Education Development

The fund absorbs donations from alumni and people from all walks of life and is used to reward outstanding students in Sichuan University, provide financial assistance to students from poor families, attract and train excellent teaching staff, and award scientific and research innovations, etc. The goal is to encourage students and teachers to achieve better performance, bring in excellent teaching staff and advanced research technologies and push forward the development of higher education and the training of outstanding personnel in China's central and western regions.