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“Treasure at the Silk Road – Exhibition of Dunhuang’s Art and Culture” Opens at Tamkang University
发布时间:2017-04-07 16:13


At the opening ceremony 

On March 23, 2017, the “Treasures of the Silk Road - Dunhuang Culture & Art Exhibition” co-organized by CSCLF, Dunhuang Research Academy and Shen Chun Chih Culture & Education Foundation opened at Tamkang University in Taiwan. 

The exhibition presented the culture and art of the Dunhuang Caves with four parts, namely, the Long Silk Road, Solemn Buddha Palace, Dunhuang Manifestations and Desert Treasures. Besides pictures, the organizers also prepared four videos which introduce Dunghuang’s current situation and production processes of mineral color pigments, as well as methods to appreciate paintings from Buddhism. Visitors can also scan QR codes to read illustrative passages and pictures. The exhibition also included an experience area, where visitors can paint wall paintings on their own. 

The tour of the exhibition at Taiwan universities made its first stop at Tamkang University. Later on, the exhibition will be staged at Fo Guang University and Cheng Shiu University till June 14. Experts and scholars like Zhao Shengliang and Luo Huaqing, vice directors of Dunhuang Research Academy, Su Bomin, director of the Academy, will give lectures at the three exhibitions, respectively. 

Chen Aimin, head of the CSCLF’s Macao and Taiwan Affair Department, Zhao Shengliang, vice director of Dunhuang Research Academy, Yan Juantai, vice chairman of Shen Chun Chih Culture & Education Foundation, Hu Yiren, vice president of Tamkang University and famous painter in Taiwan Li Qimao all attended the opening ceremony.

(Source: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affair Department)

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