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“Treasures of the Silk Road - Dunhuang Culture & Art Exhibition” Came to Taiwan
发布时间:2016-12-05 16:08

“Treasures of the Silk Road - Dunhuang Culture & Art Exhibition”, co-sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), Dunhuang Academy and Taiwan Sheen Chuen-chi Cultural & Educational Foundation, was launched in the art center of National Chung Hsing University on the morning of November 17, 2016.  

The exhibition was divided into four parts. “The Long Silk Road” introduced the origins of the Silk Road and the brief history of the development of Buddhism in the form of photographs, diagrams and so on. The second part, “Solemn Buddha Palace” showed the most representative murals of Dunhuang Grottoes, including stories, statues, sutra paintings, sponsors paintings, and decorations. “Dunhuang Manifestations” described the secular lifestyles reflected by the murals, including marriage etiquette, all trades and professions, astronomical calendar, and weights and measures. The last part, “Desert Treasures” was a detailed explanation of the production process and drawing materials of Dunhuang Manuscripts and Grottoes.

Opening ceremony

The Exhibition links Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland

CSCLF council member, and Director of Art Center of China Federation of Literary & Art, Ding Jie said that it was the first Dunhuang-themed exhibition in the recent 30 years after the resumption of cross-Strait exchanges, which was of great significance. He hoped that Taiwan’s young people could deeply feel the dignified history and art of Dunhuang culture, as well as the beauty of Chinese culture.

The exhibition has been held in the universities of Taipei and Pingdong before, which received high compliments. 

CSCLF council member, and President of Dunhuang Academy, Wang Xudong said it was their first time to bring Dunhuang culture to Taiwan. Dunhuang culture was a Buddhism culture, which features that compassion carries, wisdom communicates and beauty succeeds, reflecting the same cultural root in Taiwan and the Mainland. He encouraged more young people in Taiwan would learn and further enhance the youth exchange cross the straits through exhibitions like this one to feel the inclusiveness in Chinese culture.  

Vice Chairman of Taiwan Sheen Chuen-chi Cultural & Educational Foundation, Yan Juantai expressed the foundation’s wish to continue working with CSCLF and Dunhuang Academy to introduce more Dunhuang art to university students in Taiwan. 

Dunhuang is in everyone’s mind


Students are visiting the exhibition


Students are visiting the exhibition

Director of NCHU Chinese Department Lin Renyu said Dunhuang was in everyone’s mind. The exhibition just opened a door for Taiwan’s young people so that they could learn Dunhuang’s culture at their doorstep, which had successfully aroused their huge interest.

A student named Li Sijie came to the show quite early and she wanted to get a good view of the Dunhuang art when there were few people. Like most young people, she never went to Dunhuang. It surprised her greatly that Dunhuang grottoes and murals were so vivid and fascinating. 

This exhibition in Taichuang was the end of the nearly 3-month series event, creating a new record of cross-Strait cultural tour in universities. This art and cultural exchange event enhanced the cultural identity and mutual trust among the young people from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. 

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