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CSCLF 2016 Cross-strait Teenager Students Exchange Activity
发布时间:2016-08-15 16:03


The party.



Teenager students across the straits celebrate the birthday together.


Organizing teenager students across the straits to trace back Chinese history and culture had been an exchange activity which was organized by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) and Taiwan Tide Foundation. Under the theme Visit Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, 62 teenager students from Taiwan Universities set off from Shanghai, arrived in Beijing and Tianjin along the canal during the 10-day exchange activity this summer, visiting historical and cultural relics and city scape. Besides those historical and cultural relics, the city scape of mainland cities also left deep impressions to Taiwan teenager students.


Staff from CSCLF introduced that this year's activity mainly targeted at Taiwan students coming to the Chinese mainland for the first time. "Some teenagers in Taiwan have a limited understanding towards China's long history and rich cultures. Holding such exchange activities help Taiwan teenager students understand the economic and cultural achievements of the Chinese mainland these years, as well as help them feel the root and spirit of national cultures during the process of tracing back historical marks.



Chen Aimin, Director of CSCLF Division for Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao Affairs, delivers a speech.


The highlight of this year's activity was one-on-one exchange. There was a volunteer from the Chinese mainland for every Taiwan student. Taiwan students lived in their mainland partners' homes during their two-day-visit in Beijing, visited streets and hutongs in Beijing, and experienced the real life in the Chinese mainland.



Zhang Xiaoping, director and executive secretary of Taiwan Tide Foundation, delivers a speech.



A group photo of the exchange delegation.


The activity not only opened a window for Taiwan students to understand the Chinese mainland, but also help them find friends at the same age.

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