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CSCLF Standing Vice Chairman Hang Yuanxiang Met Visiting Delegation Consisting of Provincial CPPCC Members from Macau
发布时间:2017-04-14 16:21

On April 13,2017, CSCLF Standing Vice Chairman Hang Yuanxiang met visiting delegation consisting of provincial CPPCC members from Macau.


Mr. Hang extended welcome to the delegation. He talked about what was going on regarding public cooperation and interactions between the Foundation and relevant organizations in Macau, expressing the wish to enhance cooperation with all communities in Macau and carrying out communication in various realms. Meanwhile, he would embrace concentration on the development of youth undertakings and public charity programs from friends of all walks in Macau, empowering the bond and cooperation between the mainland and Macau together.

Head of the delegation, President of Macau Provincial CPPCC Sodality Lu Weishuo declared that cooperation between all communities in Macau and CSCLF enjoyed a profound history. The first public project after the founding of the Sodality was launched under the cooperation with CSCLF. He sincerely hoped there would be more contribution to youth welfare undertakings through mutual efforts.

CSCLF signed a cooperative agreement on the project “The Journey of Love Rooted in National Unity·Caring Bakery House” with Macau Provincial CPPCC Sodality, making commitment to promoting development of youth welfare undertakings in minority nationality areas in China.

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