Online Story Club for Children around the World "Fighting Covid-19-My Story" Award Ceremony was Held in Beijing
发布时间:2020-09-24 19:40

  On 18 September, the Online Story Club for Children around the World "Fighting Covid-19-My Story" Award Ceremony sponsored by CSCLF was held in Beijing. Wang Jiarui, Chairman of CSCLF and Vice Chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee: Zhang Xu, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism; Hang Yuanxiang, Executive Vice Chairman of CSCLF; Yu Qun, Vice Chairmen of CSCLF; Yang Gu, President and Chief Editor of Guangming Online; and Michael Crook, Chairman of International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (ICCIC), attended the Ceremony.



  CCTV hostess and Council Member of CSCLF Tian Wei hosted the event, which was attended by representatives of China Cultural Center in more than 30 countries around the world. Besides, representatives of related foreign institution, schools and Confucius Institutes as well as guests from 8 Chinese provinces and Hong Kong attended the event on line.


  Yu Qun pointed out that in the past 8 months, the world has been fighting against a tough enemy---COVID-19. To win the battle against the coronavirus, we need to, as President Xi Jinping said, build a global community of shared destiny and face the challenge together. With the commitment of "giving the most precious thing to children", CSCLF organized Online Story Club for Children around the World against the backdrop of the pandemic to make children's voice heard in the fight against COVID-19.


  Zhang Xu said that with the collaboration of China Cultural Center and CSCLF, the event attracted the participation of children around the world with nearly 200 stories being submitted. In their stories, the children shared their dreams, hopes and understanding of life, and expressed their respect and gratitude to frontline workers, as well as their expectation to bring the pandemic to an end. Zhang Xu also expressed his hope that CSCLF and China Cultural Center could further cooperate to promote people-to-people bonds and contribute to the building of a global community of shared destiny.

  The event, with the theme of "Fighting COVID-19, My Story", got the response from children in 35 countries and regions across five continents with the support of China Cultural Center, Guangming Online and Xiamen Star TV.



  The stories were shared on online social media platforms such as WeChat, Twitter and Facebook. People could go to Guangming Online to vote for their favorite stories.

  10 "Little Cultural Ambassadors" from 10 countries were selected based on the results of online voting and expert review. Awards were also given to "outstanding works", "outstanding organizers" and "outstanding instructors".

  Leaders attending the Ceremony presented certificates and prizes to award-winners in Beijing, visited the Online Story Club for Children around the World "Fighting Covid-19-My Story" Exhibition and set free the doves of peace.


  In their stories, the children shared their lives in quarantine. They enjoyed the company of their families and developed new skills. Some of them made "tips for fighting COVID-19" to raise people's awareness in taking precautions; some of them tried to cheer people up with articles, paintings, music and dancing; and others expressed their wish for the world to return back to normal as soon as possible in different languages.

  Countries around the world are faced with the same challenges. Although we speak different languages and have different skin colors, we all share the same wish for peace and prosperity. The Online Story Club for Children around the World is an example of promoting resource sharing and international exchange amid the COVID-19 pandemic through the collaboration of government departments and civil organizations.

  (Source: Management Center of Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling)

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