CSCLF Invites Healthcare Workers of the Medical Team from Beijing to Aid Coronavirus Control in Hubei and Their Families to Experience Chinese Culture in the Palace Museum
发布时间:2020-08-21 12:42

  With the Chinese Doctor‘s Day approaching, CSCLF, in collaboration with the Palace Museum, invited healthcare workers of the medical team from Beijing to aid coronavirus control in Hubei and their families to experience Chinese culture in the Palace Museum as part of the “Lecture for the Future” Program.

  Before the Lecture, Wang Xudong, Curator of the Palace Museum and Member of CSCLF Council, gave his respect to the healthcare workers and wished them a happy Doctor’s Day. He expressed his thanks to the medical workers who took tremendous risks to save the lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Wang Xudong then gave a lecture to the children of medical workers with the theme of “From Dunhuang to the Palace Museum---The Future of Tradition”.

  In the 1-hour lecture, Mr. Wang Xudong inspired the children with vivid stories about Dunhuang and the Palace Museum, which provides a new perspective for the children to understand Chinese culture.

  The event also provides a good opportunity for medical workers to spend some quality time with their children. Huang Xu from China-Japan Friendship Hospital said that it was the first time in 15 years that she was able to visit the Palace Museum with her husband and daughter as she was so busy at the hospital. Dr. Zhang Hong from Peking University First Hospital said that it was her family that gave her the courage to work on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 and that she was so happy to visit the Palace Museum with the company of her two daughters.

  The “Lecture for the Future” Program organized by CSCLF invites experts in education, healthcare, culture studies and other areas to interact with young people with the goal of establishing a knowledge sharing platform that facilitates the well-rounded development of children.

  (Source: people.com.cn)

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