Seminar on Building a Mental Health Service System for the Left-behind Children in Rural Areas Held in Beijing
发布时间:2020-08-10 18:43

  On Aug 6, the Training and Exchange Center of CSCLF held a seminar on "Building a Mental Health System for the Left-behind Children in Rural Areas" in Beijing, where the experts had an in-depth discussion on caring for those left-behind children and ensuring their healthy growth.

  According to Jing Dunquan, Party Member and Vice Chairperson of CSCLF, to protect the rights and interests of women and children and create a better future for all is an important mission of CSCLF. Last year, CSCLF launched a special investigation on the left-behind children in rural areas and initiated relevant projects to provide assistance to them. Besides, CSCLF also organized the 15th Life Education Forum for Chinese Youth, in order to integrate resources and create an enabling environment for the children to grow healthily. The purpose of this seminar is to promote experiments in selected schools, and thus contributing to the development of the mental health service system for the left-behind children.

  During the seminar, over 30 representatives and members of relevant authorities, research institutes and schools, on-line or on site, contributed their insightful ideas and suggestions from the perspective of theory and practice, policy guidance, project operation, implementation, etc.

  Liu Zhengkui, researcher of the Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the content of the mental health service system for the left-behind children, including establishing a self-service platform, acquiring relevant talents and carrying out education on knowledge of mental health, etc.

  Gu Yan, researcher of the Academy of Macroeconomic Research of NDRC, expressed his view that building the mental health service system for the left-behind children is quite relevant as it is in line with the demands of the society. He suggested to carry out the work at different levels and that the state provide continuous support in the process.

  Feng Wenmeng, Director of the Social Development Research Department, Development Research Center of the State Council, said it is important to conduct relevant studies and understand the feasibility of the system.

  Wu Xinchun, Professor of Beijing Normal University, proposed to optimize the internal and external resources of the mental health system for the left-behind children, make a more detailed workplan and then implement it.

  Wang Jinxia from the Department of Child Welfare of the Ministry of Civil Affairs recognized the work of CSCLF in caring for the children in recent years.

  Song Zonghe, Executive President of Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute, thought that it is of great significance to introduce societal forces into protecting the children, and that the service system can draw from the pilot work of social protection of minors.

  Xue Hailong, President of Feidong Zhicheng Bilingual School, briefly introduced the situation of those left-behind children in his school, and expressed his hope of building and implementing the mental health system.

  Li Anjin, Head of the Development Department of CSCLF, Ai Duo, Director of the Research Center of CSCLF, Hu Tanglin, Deputy Director of the Research Center of CSCLF also attended the seminar. Zhao Ximing, Deputy Director of the Training and Exchange Center of CSCLF, hosted the seminar.

  (Source: Training and Exchange Center of CSCLF)

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