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CSCLF Funded Student Canteen of Mingyuan School in Lijia County, Naqu, Tibet Completes Construction
发布时间:2020-08-17 11:41

  On 11 August, CSCLF funded student canteen of Mingyuan School in Lijia County, Naqu, Tibet completed constructed and was put into use. Chen Yuan, Standing Council Member of CSCLF and Chairman of Mingyuan Foundation; Tang Jianjun, Inspector from the Department of Fund; and Ye Yinchuan, Secretary-General of Tibet Development, attended the Ceremony.

  Mingyuan Foundation has funded the construction of facilities in 12 Mingyuan Schools in the past 13 years since its established. Tang Jianjun pointed out that the most precious gift we could give to our children is a safe and comfortable environment to grow up and receive education.

  Chen Yuan said that Mingyuan Foundation will continue to support charity in China with the goal of creating a better education environment for more children. The Foundation organizes a variety of events to help children realize their dreams.

  Guests attending the ceremony donated sporting goods and stationary to the school and communicated with teachers and students.


  CSCLF Mingyuan Foundation was founded in September 2007 with the donation from Ma Mingzhe, Chairman of Ping'an Group, and his family. The Foundation aims to assist poverty alleviation and disaster relief, support women and children in poverty-stricken areas and support the development of public undertakings.

  Mingyuan Foundation has funded 12 Mingyuan Schools all over China. The Foundation also offers scholarships to students and teachers and organizes training programs, summer camps and volunteer activities.

  With the 13th Mingyuan School to be put into construction, Mingyuan Foundation will continue to help more children from poor areas to realize their dreams and embrace the future.

  (Source: Department of Fund)

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