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CSCLF Aided Pengyang County for 19 Years to Prevent Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty
发布时间:2020-07-17 15:57

  According to General Secretary Xi Jinping, we need to enhance the cooperation between the eastern and western regions on poverty alleviation, and to deepen targeted poverty alleviation of central units, which manifests the advantage of our political system. The Central United Front Work Department, central committees of all democratic parties, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) are responsible for poverty relief in 14 counties, of which 10 have shaken off poverty, and 4 would be lifted out of poverty this year. So far, more than 1100 projects concerning industrial development, education, health care, public welfare, etc. have been launched, coordinating nearly 2.36 billion yuan and training 261,000 people as teachers, doctors, grassroots leaders, etc. From today, a series of special reports on "Eliminating Poverty by Targeted Poverty Relief" would be issued, to publicize the latest achievements in poverty alleviation made by all relevant parties.


  Students studying in a "smart classroom". (Photo credit: Yu Jing)

  In June, primary and middle school students in Ningxia finally returned to their schools. Students of No.5 Primary School in Pengyang were especially excited. "Finally, I can come back to our 'smart classroom'!" Niu Yu, a six-grader said happily.

  The so-called "smart classrooms", based on "Internet+" and high-tech devices, were donated by CSCLF to two schools in Pengyang County in 2018, valued at 2.7 million yuan.


  The 1st tinkering classroom would soon be completed. (Photo credit: Li Peishan)

  "Those smart devices enable us to enjoy numerous resources, as well as the benefits of 'Internet+'". According to Ma Shaomei, an English teacher of the school, students were more focused in the "smart classroom".

  CSCLF's help to Pengyang is more than that. Starting from November, 2001, CSCLF has sent many leaders to the frontline of poverty alleviation in Pengyang, and invested over 68.6 million yuan in education, health care, livelihood, etc., making remarkable achievements through various assistance projects.


  Online consultation with doctors in the remote image diagnosis center and those in township hospitals. (Photo credit: Yu Jing)

  "Education is an important way to stop intergenerational transmission of poverty. We've been exploring the possibility to combing poverty relief with education promotion." Jing Ruifang said. He is the Deputy Office Director of China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People, as well as the Deputy County Chief of Pengyang (temporary post).

  When Jing Ruifang came to Pengyang in January, 2019, it was the last moment to win the battle against poverty. "At that moment, I sincerely felt the importance of targeted poverty alleviation." After visiting numerous households, he decided to ask CSCLF for more assistance in tackling the problem of returning to poverty due to illness or high tuitions.


  A child born with language handicap is receiving training under the doctor's guidance using language rehabilitation machines in Pengyang's Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People. (Photo credit: Yu Jing)

  Besides, 736 college freshmen have received over 3.25 million yuan from CSCLF's aid fund, thus realizing their dreams. Since 2019, the coverage of the aid fund has been expanded. Yang Tingpeng, admitted by Yinchuan University of Energy in 2019, was a beneficiary that year.

  "I was the only university student in my family. But the tuition, 17,000 yuan, was too much for me," Yang said he thought of giving up, but he didn't at last. "CSCLF provided me with 4000 yuan, and it helped me enter my dream school." Now, in addition to studying his major, Yang is also an active member of the school's Volunteer Association. "I will take the post-graduation entrance exams, and come back to work for my hometown upon graduation," he made a wish.

  CSCLF has also helped the children in many other ways.

  In 2020, the 1st tinkering classroom in northwestern China will be put into use, and the investment in the football field, AR-related interactive equipment, big-data physical examination equipment, etc. is also vitalizing the region. Arguably, CSCLF makes it possible for the children in the mountains to go further.

  In July, 2019, over 60 students in Pengyang County underwent free operations by doctors from Beijing Tongren Hospital for strabismus or amblyopia. Not only the children benefited from the program led by CSCLF, so did the local medical workers.

  "In the past, people had to go to hospitals in the city to receive a cataract surgery. Now, we can do it too." Gao Yong, Head of the People's Hospital of Pengyang, told us. Besides, CSCLF also donated 6 platforms like the "remote diagnosis system" and "training platform for grassroots medical workers", valued at 30.12 million yuan, enabling "smart medical care" and online health services in local towns and villages.


  A patient is having rehabilitation training in Pengyang's Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People. (Photo credit: Yu Jing)

  CSCLF also helped to build Pengyang's Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People. So far, 100% of Pengyang's registered poor households have been covered by basic medical insurance and basic pension insurance, and the rehabilitation of disabled people meeting certain standards has also been covered by medical insurance.

  19 years is a long journey, and the story between CSCLF and Pengyang will continue. Jing Ruifang said, "We will continue to explore more new ways to help Pengyang, and to have more constructive interactions."

  (Source: WeChat Official Account "Tong Zhan Xin Yu", Chinanews.com)

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