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"Love You to the Future": The Project to Safeguard the Youth's Health Launched Successfully
发布时间:2020-06-08 15:32

  On May 29, the project to safeguard the youth's health initiated by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation - Jaguar Land Rover China Children & Youth Dream Fund was successfully launched, and the "Love by Your Side (beta)" system also went live. Song Jian, Deputy Director of the Fund Department of CSCLF, Tang Jianjun, II Inspector, Chen Zheng, Vice President on CSR&PR of Jaguar Land Rover (China), Prof. Liu Zhengkui, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Psychological Society, etc. attended the event.

  The project aims to improve the sanitary conditions of schools at the grass-roots level, and to safeguard the psychological health of kids impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. CSCLF and Jaguar Land Rover (China) called on the society, schools, and parents to pay more attention to the psychological health of kids, and create a better growth environment for them.

  Tang Jianjun delivering a speech

  Chen Zheng expressed the hope to seize opportunities presented during the pandemic and build a comprehensive protection system for students, parents, and teachers with professional and systematic guidance.

  Chen Zheng addressing the event

  Prof. Liu Zhengkui made a brief introduction to the "first class after returning to school" program, relevant courses and the "Love by Your Side" system, and provided many practical advices on how to do psychological reconstruction in the post-pandemic era.

  Representatives of schools and of educational authorities in Hubei and Yunnan Province watched the live-streamed launching ceremony. Chen Ligao, Director-General of Education Bureau of Xianning Municipality in Hubei Province, expressed their gratitude and said they will spare no effort to safeguard the psychological health of students and teachers while continuing to prevent and control the spread of the virus.

  Chen Youshu, Headmaster of Jaguar Land Rover Hope Primary School, said the books brought them some new thinking, and the school will pay more attention to the psychological health of students in the future, helping them lead a happy life.

  Live from Xianning Municipality, Hubei Province.

  Live from Zhaotong Municipality, Yunnan Province.

  Cheng Xiheng, a primary student from Hubei Province, shared his learning experience on "Love by Your Side (beta)". "I've learnt a lot of knowledge on psychological health together with my parents, and I've got answers to many questions that've been confusing me. I'd like to give the system a 5-star rating."

  Cheng Xiheng and his parents from Huanggang Municipality, Hubei Province.

  Song Jian and other representatives calling on the society to pay more attention to the psychological health of kids.

  Kids with their Children's Day gifts.

  A series of books on safeguarding the psychological health of kids.


  The project to safeguard the youth's health is co-initiated by CSCLF and Jaguar Land Rover (China) Investment Co., Ltd, and organized by the Psychological Crisis Intervention Working Committee of Chinese Psychological Society and the National Psychological Assistance Union of Institute of Psychology, CAS.

  As more and more schools are reopening, the course themed "the first class after returning to school" has been introduced to 40+ schools in Hubei and Yunnan, the goal of which is to seize opportunities presented in the pandemic, improve teaching, and help students deal with their stress and cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

  "Love by Your Side (beta)" is an online self-directed "training camp" integrating relevant psychological studies with practices, on which both parents and kids can learn about knowledge of psychology and about how to create a better atmosphere at home. Also, there are links of publications on psychology and hot-lines provided.

  Besides, the project has donated nearly RMB1.4 million to 30+ schools to improve their sanitary conditions, and many more relevant activities like essay contests are being planned. It is estimated that the project will directly benefit over 2700 teachers and 54,000 students.

  (Source: Fund Department)

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