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Students Assisted by CSCLF Cheered For Wuhan
发布时间:2020-03-13 16:20


Picture Painted by Children Sponsored by Ming Yuan Fund

  On March 1, Zhao Nianci, a fifth-grade student from Jilin Province and Yun Jiahuan, a first-grade student from Guangxi Province show up together for an appointment with seven other friends. Miles apart, they cheered Wuhan with clarinets and paid tribute to the heroes who fought the Covid-19.

  They are all students sponsored by Ming Yuan Fund of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF). A few days ago, when the children told their clarinet teacher Yu that they wanted to cheer Wuhan with playing, Yu was moved to tears. "They are all children who need help most, but they have never forgotten to spread their love to those who need it more." Yu said.

  Teacher Yu was a graduate of Shanghai Drama Institute. Since 2017, she has volunteered to teach playing clarinet each week by remote class in Ming Yuan Fund. This time, she chose to teach the children There is Always Sunshine After Rain and Wind.

  Yun Jiahuan is 7 years old and the youngest child. She put on Miao costumes and recorded playing videos at the door. However, either the picture is too blurred or the background is not good-looking. It took the whole morning to complete the recording.

  Nine children who try their best to play,with nine childish but loving hearts, completed nine simple videos but full of best wishes.

  Love is a seed. When planted in the soil, it will always sprout, spike and bear fruit. Pass on love, then the hope will always exist. Looking forward to the early end of the epidemic, so that we can hear the children playing There is Always Sunshine After Rain and Wind on-the-spot in the summer camp.


  Picture Painted by Children Sponsored by Ming Yuan Fund

  Thanks to the children who participated in this performance, they are-

  Jilin Kaoshan Mingyuan Primary School: Zhao Nianci, Xu Pengkai, Xu Siyang

  Guangxi Bahao Mingyuan Primary School: Lan Shuilan, Lan Jinyan

  Guangxi Jiutong Mingyuan Primary School: Yun Jiahuan

  Guangdong Wenxiang Mingyuan Primary School: Yang Zixin

  Gansu Shaozhai Mingyuan Primary School: Wang Zhanfei

  Ningxia Yangxiang Ming Yuan Primary School: Hu Yarong


  The Ming Yuan Fund of CSCLF was established in 2007 with donations from Ma Mingzhe, Chairman and CEO of Ping An Insurance (Group), and his family. It has committed to rural education, including the construction of Ming Yuan schools in poor areas, the renovation of teaching buildings and canteens, the establishment of multimedia classrooms and libraries, the launching of education support activities, and the granting of scholarships and awards. Ming Yuan Fund strives to improve education level in poor areas and inject high-quality educational resources into villages. Since 2014, Ming Yuan Fund has started to offer clarinet training in Ming Yuan School, so as to enhance the artistic quality of children in mountain areas, and stimulate their recognition of self-worth and love for life.

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