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Japanese Youth Delegation Visits China
发布时间:2020-01-13 18:20

  2019 is the China-Japan Youth Exchange Promotion Year. The APCC (Asian-Pacific Children Convention in Fukuoka) youth delegation visited China on 19-25 December at the invitation of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation for the purpose of promoting people-to-people exchange between youths of the two countries.

  Experiencing the rich Chinese culture

  A welcoming party was held in the evening of 20 December to promote mutual understanding between youths of the two countries.


  During their stay, the Japanese youth delegation visited the Japanese Embassy in China and engaged in a series of activities to experience traditional Chinese culture and cultural heritage.

  The delegation also visited Phoenix Digital Technology Center and Huawei Exhibition Center to experience the smart way of life empowered by cloud-based technologies, 5G and AI.

  Visits to Peking University and the Great Wall were also arranged for the delegation to learn more about Chinese culture and history.

  The trip to China is an unforgettable experience for all members of the delegation.


  Experiencing family life in China during home-stay

  During their visit, Japanese youths stayed with Chinese families. Youths of the two countries made dumplings and had roast duck together to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

  Nishihara Ayaka, a high school student from Fukuoka, became friend of Wang Yiran from Beijing and visited Beijing Zoo with the company of Wang's family to see her favorite animal--- the panda.

  She took videos of the adorable panda and bought panda-related souvenirs for family and friends back in Japan.

  Katsunaga from Japan was enchanted by the charm of traditional Chinese architecture when visiting Tiantan Park with the company of his Chinese friend Zhao Haicheng. He was also impressed by the vigor of elder people doing morning exercise in the Park.

  On Winter Solstice, Katsunaga and Zhao's family made dumplings together.

  He was impressed by the hospitality of the family in spite of language barriers.

  Sharing and Exchange Facilitate Sustainable Development

  In the afternoon of 24 December, youths from Japan and China sat together to review the trip in Beijing and share their experience and feelings.

  Japanese youths were impressed by the delicious Chinese food, the clean streets, the modern facilities, and most important of all, the friendly Chinese people.

  Chinese volunteers had a better understanding of Japanese culture and expressed their wish to further promote exchange and friendship between China and Japan.

  During the session, youths of the two sides also engaged in panel discussions on garbage sorting and proposed recommendations for schools, families and communities based on the experience of Japan.

  In an interview with CCTV, Japanese students and teachers expressed their hope for closer ties between China and Japan and more exchange opportunities for youths of the two sides.

  Chen Aimin, CSCLF Head of the Department of International Relations, expressed the wish to enhance friendship and mutual understanding between youths of the two sides and consolidate the foundation for people-to-people exchange between the two countries.

  The visit enabled youths from China and Japan to learn more about each other's culture, exchange ideas on issues of common concern and enhance friendship between the two countries.

  (Source: Department of International Relations)

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