CSCLF vice-chairman visits Japanese minister of foreign affairs

2019-02-28 11:36:00   

  A delegation led by Jing Dunquan, vice-chairman of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), met with Taro Kono, Japanese minister of foreign affairs, on Feb 26.

  The visiting delegation poses for a photograph with Japanese representatives.

  During the meeting, Jing expressed gratitude to Taro Kono for his efforts to improve China-Japan relations. He said that China has entered a new era of development as it celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2019. He also said that Japan would enter a new period of development as well.

  "CSCLF hopes to strengthen non-governmental exchanges and cooperation with Japan, and is dedicated to preserving the China-Japan friendship for generations to come," Jing said.

  "We should get more young people involved in improving and consolidating China-Japan ties," he added.

  Jing Dunquan (L), vice-chairman of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), shakes hands with Taro Kono, Japanese minister of foreign affairs.

  Taro Kono offered a warm welcome to the delegation, speaking fluent Chinese. He said that current China-Japan relations should be cherished, as they are currently gaining momentum.

  "Young people from both countries should work to strengthen exchanges and deepen mutual understanding, and the younger generation needs to shoulder the responsibility of promoting China-Japan relations," he added.

  He expressed hope that the delegation would gain a better understanding of Japan, that the visit would be successful, and that young people from both countries would make contributions to improving the relations between the two countries.

  The visiting delegation holds a meeting with Japanese representatives.

  The visit was the result of an invitation from the Japan-China Friendship Center, and members of the delegation consisted of distinguished teenagers from various communities throughout China. This is the first time most of them have been to Japan.

  Over the next five days, the delegation will visit Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto to learn about Japan's polices to promote welfare, education, and culture. They will also get a taste of Japanese folk culture and learn about the country's advanced philosophies in management of public affairs.

  (Source: General Office and Fund Department of CSCLF)


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